Composites are materials that have superior mechanical properties with low weight. They are nowadays a major part in the construction of aircraft, spacecraft and civil engineering works. Composites are fabricated from at least two distinct materials that maintain in the mixture their own structures, while conferring to the assembly enhanced strength and rigidity. However, during service life, composite structures may undergo various disorders ranging from localized damage to debonding. These can reduce severely their performance and even cause failure.

Damage detection in composite structures is intended to examine damage initiation and propagation. Various methods based on non-destructive testing (NDT) are currently in use for inspection and evaluation of composites structures. But, detection remains generally difficult because of the extreme sensitivity of revealing signal to the actual microstructure configuration and to noise. So, the damage might be quite invisible at its early stages of occurrence. More effective NDT methods for damage detection are then required in order to provide better delectability results.

Following the success of the first edition of Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composite Structures conference organized in November 2017 (NDECS’2017): http://ndecs2017.com/ , with proceedings published in Scopus indexed Matec Web of Conferences: https://www.matec-conferences.org/articles/matecconf/abs/2018/50/contents/contents.html, this second edition aims at getting together yet again researchers and experts from across the field of NDT dedicated to composites. The objective is to highlight recent developments made and to review up to date processes in the field of damage detection in these structures. The event is expected to be an opportunity to discuss the best existing ideas and technologies in order to make better understanding about the available NDT techniques for inspection commission of composite structures.

 Abdellatif Khamlichi
 Chairman of the conference

Siteweb : http://www.ndecs2022.com/NDECS/

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